For Business

You are given a comprehensive business solution by Himalayan Salt Sweden for all of your business needs. You've come to the correct place if you're concerned about your health and need a solution at work or if you own a business and want to attract more customers to your line of work then contact us for instant pricing. Our primary areas of interest include offices, spas and wellness centers, fitness centers, hotels and resorts, tanning salons, cryotherapy and floatation treatment, home builders, architects and designers, and real estate offices.

Himalayan Salt Rooms

This salt room is specifically intended for offices and wellness facilities and has a two-sided mirror and salt bricks. Meditation may be practiced by a group or an individual during downtime at work to combat many health conditions simultaneously.

Himalayan Salt Chambers

One of our top choices is a Himalayan salt chamber, which is available in a variety of designs and sizes. Depending on the chamber size, most chambers may accommodate one person at a time or up to two or three people. Having a Himalayan Salt Chamber in your place of business or work is very alluring for meditating your staff and providing them with healthy work environment. It also serves as a new point of sales because it draws in many new clients.

Himalayan Salt Walls

At your place of employment and business, a wall constructed with pink Himalayan salt is the ideal decoration. Decorating your workplace or place of business costs a lot of money and is more like hanging pricey artwork inside. In addition to adding to the beauty of your workplace or place of business, our Pink Salt Wall concept is a terrific way to create a beautiful and healthy environment.

Himalayan Salt Basket

The greatest option for several uses is a large basket of Himalayan salt chunks that you can shift from one location to another. The easiest way to meditate while working is with this large revolving basket loaded with pink salt.Get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs and pricing.