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Himalayan Salt Room

The greatest experience for many salt treatments is to utilize an enclosed salt booth for family at home. The optimum remedy has been developed by HaloTherapySweden specialists. Welcome to the Himalayan Salt Room. This Salt Room from HaloTherapySweden should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking for an efficient salt therapy unit for your family at home.             

On demand, a certain style and size are also possible. Make an appointment with our expert for a visit at your place or discuss with our experts on phone.   

Himalayan Salt Chambers

The Salt Chamber is warm and welcoming and has a tiled Himalayan Salt Wall, in contrast to some of the more sterile-looking counterparts. Our Salt Chambers offers those who are searching for a quiet, relaxing salt treatment experience at home. It has two side-light glass panels and a glass door, and it is the size of a typical shower. It’s simple to unwind, read a book, practice meditation, or listen to music thanks to the cozy couches and gentle lighting. 

On request, a certain shape and size are also possible. Contact our expert or schedule a visit with our expert.

Himalayan Salt Wall

What a lovely appearance your house will have, but keep in mind that it will also serve as a source of relief for a variety of ailments, including stress, acne, shortness of breath, depression, sleep apnea, sinus infection and many more. 

You may pick the ideal location in your house or schedule a visit from one of our experts to help you find the correct size, kind, and solution for your needs.

Himalayan Salt Fireplace

The ideal decoration for your home all year long is a fireplace appearance with Himalayan Pink Salt. With pink salt bricks and no actual fire within, we construct a fireplace at your residence. Why not have it created by our professionals using Himalayan Pink Salt that provides therapeutic benefits for the entire family if you already have a fireplace.

Connect with one of our specialists to go through your needs.

Himalayan Salt Fire Basket & Decoration

Wired Basket the other kind of lighting are Himalayan salt lamps. It is a cabled construction with Himalayan salt crystals within.

In addition to being a light, it also enhances the decor. The basket may be customized to your preferences in terms of size, color, design, and material. Get in contact with us if you have any questions.